Maintenance & Auto Service in Forth Worth

At Fort Worth Auto Garage, our maintenance and auto service offerings are designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably on Fort Worth’s roads. From routine maintenance to specialized services, our skilled technicians are here to meet all your automotive needs. Explore our comprehensive services below.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Following manufacturer recommendations is crucial for the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Our factory-scheduled maintenance and 30k/60k/90k/120k mile services include thorough inspections, fluid changes, and component replacements to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Trust our experienced team to keep your vehicle running smoothly mile after mile.

Computer Diagnostics & Repair

Using advanced diagnostic tools, we accurately identify and resolve issues with your vehicle’s electronic systems. Whether it’s diagnosing check engine light codes, performing computer diagnostics, or troubleshooting complex electrical problems, our technicians have the expertise to provide precise solutions. Count on us to keep your vehicle’s electronic systems in top condition.

Oil Changes & Fluid Services

Regular oil changes and fluid services are essential for maintaining engine health and performance. Our technicians use high-quality oil and filters to remove contaminants and lubricate engine components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. From coolant to transmission fluid, we inspect, flush, and replenish fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Tune-Ups & Filter Replacements

Keep your engine running at its best with our tune-up services. From spark plug replacement to ignition system adjustments, we fine-tune your engine to improve performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Maintain clean air and fluid circulation in your vehicle with regular filter replacements. We replace air, oil, fuel, and cabin filters to prevent contaminants from compromising engine performance and cabin air quality.

Safety & Emissions Inspections

Stay compliant with state regulations and ensure your vehicle’s safety with our thorough inspections. We check essential components and systems to identify any issues affecting vehicle safety or emissions compliance. Trust our certified technicians to keep your vehicle safe and roadworthy.

Windshield Wiper Blades & Trip Inspections

Ensure clear visibility in all weather conditions with our windshield wiper blade replacement service. We install high-quality wiper blades designed to withstand Fort Worth’s diverse weather patterns, ensuring optimal performance and visibility. Before embarking on a journey, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy with our trip inspections. Our certified technicians conduct thorough examinations of essential components and systems to identify any potential issues and address them proactively.

Why Choose Us For Auto Maintenance Services in Fort Worth?

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our seasoned team's efficient auto maintenance services, ranging from routine checks to complex diagnostics.

Reliable Quality

Rely on our top-quality parts and materials for enduring performance and peace of mind on Fort Worth's roads.

Personalized Approach

Enjoy tailored service catered to your vehicle's specific needs, ensuring precise solutions every time.

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At Fort Worth Auto Garage, we provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, fluid checks and replacements, battery inspections, and more to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
The frequency of servicing depends on various factors such as mileage, driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, we recommend following the maintenance schedule outlined in your vehicle’s owner manual or consulting with our experts for personalized advice.
Absolutely! You can conveniently schedule an appointment through our website or by calling us. We’ll work with you to find a time that works with your schedule.
The duration of service can vary depending on the type of maintenance required and the condition of your vehicle. We strive to complete services efficiently while ensuring thoroughness, and our team will provide you with an estimated timeframe when you schedule your appointment.
Yes, we stand behind the quality of our workmanship and parts. Many of our maintenance services come with warranties for added peace of mind. Feel free to inquire about specific warranty details when you book your service.
Absolutely! Our experienced technicians are trained to work on a wide variety of makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, or hybrid, we have the expertise to keep it in top condition.
Strange noises, unusual vibrations, dashboard warning lights, decreased fuel efficiency, or handling issues are signs that your car may need maintenance. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in for an inspection.
Yes, we regularly offer special promotions and discounts on maintenance services to help you save money while keeping your vehicle in great shape. Be sure to check our website or inquire when scheduling your appointment for any current offers.
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